The gauge technology we developed to monitor oxygen tanks is a universal system that can be applied to almost any application that relies on pressurized gas. From CO2 to fire extinguishers, you will always know if your system is charged and ready for use.

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Oxygen Regulator Moniter

Be proactive not reactive when monitoring your patients oxygen tank levels. Our system allows you to remotely monitor how much Oxygen is in any patients tank, and will send an alert via page, text or email to the attending nurse.

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Oxygen tank tracking

We provide a network that allows a whole suite of monitoring devices to be implemented. This network paired with GPS allows us to track Oxygen tanks and know when they exit the facilities network boundaries.

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Be Proactive not Reactive


In a world of smart devices pressure monitoring is stuck in the stone age. We provide the means of bringing this important and lifesaving practice into the modern era. In addition to saving lives, we can help to create a monitoring network that saves hundreds of man hours of labor. We revived Funding at the Nevada Innevator to continue developing this smart technology. Our team of experts believes this technology will have a profound impact on the way all industries monitor their pressurized gasses.